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Crystal Yan is a product manager and designer focused on designing product experiences that customers love. Currently, Crystal is a Product Manager at Stripe, product advisor to startups, and leadership coach to emerging product and design leaders. Previously, she was the Product Lead for Passbook by Remitly in Seattle, WA, where she led teams to launch new businesses and financial services for immigrants and their families. Crystal served a two year term with the United States Digital Service at the White House in Washington DC, where she led product and UX teams working on improving public services for 700,000+ asylum seekers and healthcare providers serving 57 million patients. She was part of the founding team at FiscalNote, where she helped the company achieve initial product-market fit, grow from 15 to 150+ employees, and launch a new multimillion dollar product portfolio that tripled average contract value (ACV). She teaches at Maryland College of Art & Design (MICA), School of Visual Concepts, and at technology and design conferences globally.

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"Bias, Uncovered"

Are you ready to confront bias? In this interactive session, you’ll be challenged to uncover your own cognitive biases and explore how understanding them can help us design for the behaviors we encounter every day. You’ll get a crash course in three particular cognitive biases (anchoring bias, confirmation bias, and social proof), and learn more about their applications in the real world. Most importantly, you'll walk away with actionable ideas for how to leverage this understanding to design more inclusive user research and hiring practices, so that you can design more inclusive and equitable products/services and teams.

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Day 1, 6:00 to 6:45 PM

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