In this transformative conference, we explore the many facets of the UX design journey, with a strong focus on the dynamic paths that designers can embark upon in their careers.

We delve into personal and professional growth within large organizations, discussing transitions from design to product management and the various archetypes designers can evolve into. We will also shine a light on the importance of serving the underserved, focusing on universal design, open-source, and non-profit design as means to foster social impact and career progression.

Through a series of enlightening presentations and panels, we unravel the intricate process of becoming a design co-founder, revealing unexpected pathways that shape careers in the design world. We will explore the practice of inclusive design at leading companies, providing valuable insights into fostering a diverse workforce and conducting meaningful UX research.

Our sessions aim to unmask and challenge cognitive biases, understanding how these biases shape our work and how they can be leveraged to design more inclusive user research, hiring practices, and ultimately, products and services. Finally, we will empower designers to understand the value they bring to the table, encouraging them to champion design as a strategic asset, and cultivate business impact and relationships.

This conference is a call to action for designers to redefine their paths, embrace their growth, practice inclusivity, and make a lasting impact. We aim to inspire our attendees to become not just better designers, but influential figures driving forward a more equitable and inclusive design industry.

UX+ Conference schedule

sep 17, 2023, 1pm-7pm. smx manila. schedule subject to change.

10:30 AM


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1:00 PM

function rooms 1, 2, & 3

welcome to UX+ conference 2023

The largest UX event in Asia, UX+ Conference is back for its 4th year!

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1:10 PM

Yutong & Yunan Xue / Meta

Growth as Designer ICs

This talk uncovers the journey of designers within influential companies like Google and Meta, highlighting the transitions from design to product management. It explores various archetypes that designers can evolve into and addresses common challenges in the process.

1:50 PM

Crystal Yan / Stripe

Bias, Uncovered

This talk is an interactive session challenging designers to confront and understand their own cognitive biases. It offers a crash course in various biases and their real-world applications, with an aim to design more inclusive and equitable products, services, and teams.

2:20 PM

Aditi Kulkarni / Prev. Shopify

UX Principles - Is it all just a bunch of fluff?

This talk will share practical and personal examples of how UX Principles can help you level up in your daily life as a designer. The talk will illustrate what a UX principle is with personal stories, how they can help you and how to write your own UX principles for your team

2:50 PM

Fonz Morris / Netflix

How we Practice Inclusive Design at Netflix

This talk dives into the culture, research methodologies, tools, and the role of diverse workforce in promoting inclusive design in leading companies. It sheds light on the current practices and challenges in creating inclusive experiences.

3:30 - 3:45 PM

15 minutes

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3:45 PM

CSJ, Alexis, Anj, Leroy, Jay

Designer's Roundtable: Navigating the Future of UX Design

This panel discusses a range of topics including career progression, AI in design, expectations from a product designer, the role of AI models like ChatGPT in design, product thinking, and overcoming the challenge of being undervalued as a designer.

4:15 PM

Silvano D’Orazio / TymeGroup

The spell on beauty and function

This talk explores the balance between aesthetics and usability in design. It highlights crafting user-centric digital experiences that are both functional and captivating, underscoring the risks of favoring one aspect over the other.

5:00 PM

Alexis Collado / Swarm

The Accidental Route to Design Leadership

This talk provides an intimate look into the real-life experiences and unexpected pathways that shape a design career. It provides valuable insights into becoming a co-founder and navigating the less prescribed aspects of the design world.

5:30 PM

Kristian Mikhel / Grab

Serving the underserved - becoming a better designer by helping others

This talk focuses on the role of Accessibility, Universal Design, Open-Source, and Non-Profit design in creating social impact. This talk underscores the importance of these areas in driving personal and professional growth.

6:10 PM

Jay Demetillo / Canva

Mind Your Own Business

This talk pushes designers to recognize their potential amidst AI advances and market shifts. It promotes breaking from norms, leveraging design as a strategic tool for business impact, relationships, and recognition. Come find out how to be a better role model, and a better designer for the next generation

6:55 - 7:00 PM


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