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Aditi is a seasoned design leader, having built products and teams at Postman, ReferralCandy, Indeed, and Shopify. She was the 4th employee at postman.com, an API platform for building and using APIs currently used by more than 25M developers. Aditi is a fan of collaborative product design that balances both qualitative and quantitative data. She cares deeply about building empowered, diverse and effective design teams

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About the Talk

"UX Principles - Is it all just a bunch of fluff?"

Let's talk about UX Principles! Are UX principles a bunch of abstract fluff or can they truly help you? In this talk Aditi will share practical and personal examples of how UX Principles can help you level up in your daily life as a designer. The talk will illustrate what a UX principle is with personal stories, how they can help you and how to write your own UX principles for your team.

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Talk Schedule

Day 1, 6:00 to 6:45 PM

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